"You're Not Doing Enough"

Some people will look into a business and think if they're not where they want to be, it's because they're "Not Doing Enough."

I feel like as a small business owner, I have to prove myself and warrant my success all over social media. No business is going to tell you about all their failures and mistakes. You wouldn't expect old mate to walk up to you on the street, having never met you and pour out their soul.

I feel obliged to be true to myself. My business has been on the world's biggest roller coaster. It's not for the thrill seekers, and with the amount of lows I've had, it's been the world's most boring roller coaster. You haven't seen the low points and you'll only see the highlight reel. Which is fine. 

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The Stylist // Hayley Cannon

Behind every great image or runway, there's someone calling the shots. The person who picks out the finer details of such a grand production. That someone is the Stylist.

We were lucky enough to book a gig with one of the Gold Coast's finest, Hayley Cannon. After working with Hayley, who not only styles some of the Gold Coast's biggest labels and brands, but also owns her own Modeling agency, there was absolutely no way we weren't going to let her leave without asking her all of our styling questions. 

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