My manufacturer CLOSED DOWN. Yup they are finito. I also wasn’t aware of said closure, until last week. Pretty fabulous hey, especially when they’ve not sent out a memo, and I’m here just madly prepping for Season 3.

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Okay, it's been a while so let's just bring everything up to date! I've moved from Cairns, back to Emerald and I'm currently waiting on the photo shoot images I took with Matty & Holly from a few days ago. I'm also recently single (thank god) which means more stuff is getting done because there's nobody holding me back or bringing me down. 

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So here it is, my business journal. Every day (maybe) for the next few years, i'll be documenting my journey. I'll put down my lists, time lines, achievements, failures, goals and aspirations. I’ll document what has happened, what is about to happen and also what I want to happen.

New year new me right? I'll keep you posted.

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