Who’s Rebecca?

Second Swim started as a creative outlet for me while I was going through some of the hardest times that I'll ever endure.

My dearest Mum helped me establish Second Swim in a little house in Cairns. With nothing more than a sewing machine, terrible WiFi & a laptop from the early 2000’s, together we designed the first collection and manufactured it on the Gold Coast.
Two years later, & after a double diagnosis of Cancer with Mum & Dad, Mum was called to Heaven to help watch over the Earth. Through resilience, hard work & a support network of friends & family, Second Swim has blossomed into the company that it is today.

This company enables me to combine my passion for the environment & animal welfare with art & sunshine.
Our Second Swim girl is gracious, fearless & free.

“Everyday presents an opportunity to rise up and help someone.”
- Rebecca // Creative Director of Second Swim AU

Rebecca Cordoma CEO Second Swim.jpg